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Mapfact content persist
[ Mapfact content persist ] There we are again, We´ve received a bunch of feedback of the community when we announced the end of Mapfact in november 2009. Exactly this feedback on our releases is what we were missing during the last years. We...
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Mapfact closes the doors
[ Mapfact closes the doors ] If something suddenly disappears we were use to have it leaves us with the feeling of a loss. Maybe you'll feel the same with Mapfact. For more than seven years we have given our best to entertain the community of Ope...
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Tools Update (eng)
[ Tools update ] The official BI tools aren't released yet, but nonetheless it should be possible already to create complete addons for A2. Our tools page is a bit small currently, but we're trying to fill it with small but useful tools. To make ...
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MAP_EU - Step 1 (eng)
[ Addon ] - Editor Upgrade For the optimal use of the Editor our team member Lester has been busy again. Now he offers the MAP_EU editorupgrade for ArmA 2. It makes most if not all hidden objects available for placing in the mission editor. Th...
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22.06.2009 - 20:30 / BadAss
[ Addon - Reduced Voices ] Our Teammember Lester is of cause hard-working for some ArmA2 modifications already. The first release is a MAP_ReducedVoice addon, that looks similar to the MAP_NoVoice addon for ArmA, but enlarge on some ArmA2 special...
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14.06.2009 - 11:50 / BadAss
[ 3D Editor Update ] As you might have noticed already the announced 3D editor is already implemented into ArmA 2. With this discovery HeliJunkie caused quite some surprise and now he even presents an update that fixes some minor bugs and write...
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26.05.2009 - 19:15 / Chneemann
[ Mapfact with a new homepage ] ArmA 2 is around the corner and as you can see we have renewed our homepage. After the change from OFP to ArmA we just did a little facelift but now we found it might be the time for a completely new appearence. S...
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26.05.2009 - 19:00 / Chneemann
[ Don't think Beta ] Like one or the other might have realised already we have a new motto at Mapfact "Don't think Beta!" and we invite everyone to join this motto. We came up with this thought because in ArmA a lot of things were released as bet...
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