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Addon:EU (Editor Upgrade)

This addon is designed to bring all placeable objects of ArmA2 in a sorted form into the editor. The objects are classified in 14 different object categories and a couple of sub-categorys. Double, broken or untextured objects are not included!

Eine kleien Auswahl der Objekte

The actual object categorys of the Editorupgrade:
  • Plants - Grass, Bushes and Trees
  • Rocks - Stones and Rocks
  • Roads - Bridges, Dam, Streets, Ways and Runways
  • Sidewalks - Sidewalks und Pathes
  • Houses - Civil Houses
  • Industry - Industrial Buildings and Equipment
  • Rails - everything about Trains and Tracks
  • Military - military Buildings, Tents, and Emplacements
  • Ruins - Corpses, Wrecks, Ruins and Rubbish
  • Walls - Walls, Fences, Gates and Streetsurroundings
  • Misc - Container, Materials, Playground, ...
  • Signs - Signs, Streetlights, Poles and Billboards
  • Interieur - Furniture, Electroniks and Drinks
  • Water - Boats, Buojs, Seas

It's planned to localize this Editorupgrade in the near future in as many languages as possible, if you can help us with other languages than german or english feel free to contact us!

How to use:
Use it like any normal non-BIS-Addon

As we always recommend using mod folders, the structure of a @MAP folder is allready given in the archive.

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