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25.06.2009 - 00:21

[ Addon ] - Editor Upgrade

For the optimal use of the Editor our team member Lester has been busy again. Now he offers the MAP_EU editorupgrade for ArmA 2. It makes most if not all hidden objects available for placing in the mission editor.

This Editorupgrade will be released in several steps and is allready designed for easy expansion. We will release some additional boosterpacks in the future.

With this first step (V1.0) it is both fully functionable and very comprehensive, of course. You'll find a lot of categories of objects but the object names are most similar to the modellnames yet.

As a second step (V1.1) the localisation is planned. German and English are no problem but we would like to take this opportunity for a little invocation to incorporate the community into this.

We'ld very much appreciate users contributing translations for the game's other languages like czech, polish, france, russian ... to include it into the version 1.1 of this addon.

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