We have established this section to offer you soundtracks. Partly they have been used in our missions or were supposed to. You are free to use these soundtracks freely in your own missions or other projects. But please don't forget to credit the author.

Since these are our own productions, we hold all the rights and there are no copyright issues. Commercial usage of the soundtracks is prohibeted expressly, though.


Using the tracks on commercial websites, on corporate websites of any kind is a violation of the rights of Magix. A website is a commercial website if it is owned by a corporation or is build for a corporation with the purpose and intention to indirectly or directly make profit.
The sound loops rom which the tracks were arranged are license and GEMA free but the copyright is owned by Magix who expressly prohibit any commercial use! Also it is a violation of rights making the tracks available for up and download on commercial sites freely.

Using the tracks therefore is allowed only for private purposes!

All tracks are ready for download in the Ogg Vorbis file format. To play these files we recommend Coolplayer. It's size is about half a MB and it's freeware.

Please post your praise & criticism as well as suggestions about this section in this thread.

3 JinglesFuelElectro*.ogg1:57
Crash MeFuelElectro*.ogg4:40
Don't You AgreeFuelElectro*.ogg3:36
Green HillsFuelElectro*.ogg4:47
Wretched (inst)FuelElectro*.ogg3:25
Fallen HeroesWüstenfuchsFilmmusik*.ogg4:00
Silent MomentsWüstenfuchsFilmmusik*.ogg3:08
Strangers In The DarkWüstenfuchsFilmmusik*.ogg2:24
Good Morning NogovaWüstenfuchsPop*.ogg1:58
Knock OffWüstenfuchsPop*.ogg1:40
Iron WingsWüstenfuchsRock*.ogg0:50
Flying TomcatsWüstenfuchsTrance*.ogg4:03
Nogovian Club NightWüstenfuchsTrance*.ogg1:46

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