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There we are again,

We´ve received a bunch of feedback of the community when we announced the end of Mapfact in november 2009.
Exactly this feedback on our releases is what we were missing during the last years. We could see from the comments that you always keep loyal to us and downloaded the content of the last 8 years. That is a fact which makes us glad since we know that the effort has after all been worth it.

Some of you asked us whether its possible to keep the website alive as a kind of archive. We even received several hosting offers faster than we were able to make any decissions about that.

At least we are now hosted on our long years partner who´s providing free webspace for us. So our ArmA2 page ( ) as well as our OFP and ArmA content pages ( ) will keep being available for you as Mapfact Archive ressources, even if the Mapfact Team is no longer exisiting at all.

So we say thank you to the whole community for the last 8 years, and we will meet again by some means or other on servers and forums.

The Mapfat Team

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