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[ Tools update ]

The official BI tools aren't released yet, but nonetheless it should be possible already to create complete addons for A2. Our tools page is a bit small currently, but we're trying to fill it with small but useful tools. To make modding easier, we're presenting two of them today:

On one hand, there's T_D's PAADecompressor. With this tool you can save PAAs that are in the new A2 formats (DXT5 or DXT1) in the older formats so that it can be read by TexView2 . This way it is possible to view them or use them as a base for new work. Luckily A2 still supports these older formats as well.

On the other hand we'd like to present a smart tool for scripters and coders: dumpConfig by Worldeater enables you to write the full current config into a file. After doing so you have an up-to-date full reference of the A2 config and you can also check if your class overwriting or whatever you are trying to docame through as you wanted it.

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