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[ Addon - Reduced Voices ]

Our Teammember Lester is of cause hard-working for some ArmA2 modifications already. The first release is a MAP_ReducedVoice addon, that looks similar to the MAP_NoVoice addon for ArmA, but enlarge on some ArmA2 specialities.

It reduces the acustic communication ingame significantly so that not every lapidary report worries the player. A spoken "unknown unknown position one-three-one-four-eight-two" will be gone but the text messages remain so you don't miss any information!

Of course Lester didn't touch the atmospheric accustic comments. Some rather rare and special units and vehicles are still there, too, but you have to read the message to learn about the context, though.

The specials are:
  • Launcher Soldier
  • Sniper
  • Officer
  • MobileHQ
  • Static Mortar
  • Static Canon
  • UAV

Because there are three spoken languages in ArmA 2 this addon comes in three PBOs of which every single one reduces the respective spoken communication. Using all 3 PBOs results in a total reduction of all three language's voices output.

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