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[ Mapfact with a new homepage ]

ArmA 2 is around the corner and as you can see we have renewed our homepage.
After the change from OFP to ArmA we just did a little facelift but now we found it might be the time for a completely new appearence. Surely you will get used to the new look quickly. Or does anybody miss the old design of the mapfact homepage of the year 2002?
Many menues remained similar but are arranged in a different order. Here you will find ArmA 2 content exclusively. Maybe there will be a little OFP 2 corner, too. Of course we still keep our OFP and ArmA works available. For this reason we didn't shut our old homepage off but moved it to the domain


ArmA 2 will be available in short and we are curious how the new game of BIS will turn out to be. We got almost the entire team back on the line and will be able to offer you some usefull stuff, hopefully.

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