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[ Don't think Beta ]

Like one or the other might have realised already we have a new motto at Mapfact "Don't think Beta!" and we invite everyone to join this motto.
We came up with this thought because in ArmA a lot of things were released as beta versions only.

By this we don't think of the beta Patches of BIS, of course.

With extensive MP projects bugs are harder to localize and here with think that public betas make sense.

Of course things can always contain bugs or minor glitches - that's in the nature of things - and even the best scripter and addon or mission designer can't always avoid it.

To release missions, models and islands that are full of bugs with the motto "it's only a beta" is rather a pity because such addons often cause following problems and incompatibilities.
That is the point where we say:

"Don't think Beta!"

Rather design less things but do it carefull and release it when it's finished but one after another after another.

So join the idea!

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