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News »31.08.2008 - 21:00 von Chneemann / News: Editing Guide - Deluxe Edition

[ 31.08.08 / Editing Guide - Deluxe Edition]

Mr-Murray, the author of the official Armed Assault Editing Guide for the German ArmA "Special Edition" and the German "ArmA Gold Edition" is releasing today his, long announced and also long desired Deluxe Edition of his Editing Guide sequel. The Deluxe Edition has a total number of 333 pages and is, with a kindly support and permission, already up to date of patch 1.15 which will be released within the the next few weeks as well.

The "Deluxe Edition" contains, with it´s 11 chapters and 230 subitems, nearly every stuff which is needed to create professional designed missions. A great help to navigate through that whole book are the clearly designed indexes like main index, keyword- and syntax index and also the single chapter indexes with the chapter marker on the right border of each page as well.

This new version contains all patches up to patch 1.15, Queens Gambit and of course Warfare as well. The english Version of the Deluxe Edition is still under construction where we are working on with "high
pressure"! So once both books has finally been released no further ones will follow for ArmA 1 and Mr-Murray is finally finishing his bookworks for ArmA 1.

A printversion will unfortunately but surly no more supported cause of the publisher Morphicon which has quit the collaboration to the project. A self published and released printversion would be too expensive to become realized.


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News »22.08.2008 - 16:50 von Lester / 3DE Projekt Release

[ 23.08.08 / 3DE Projekt Release]

Finally, the day has come to present the 3DE project to you !

It consits of the following components:

The core of it, of course, is the 3D editor by Silola

Addon: "MAP_3DE" V1.02

The editorupgrade by Lester that also makes the Queens Gambit Objects available and adds some completely new objects. It is designed especially for the 3DE.

Addon: "MAP_EU" V1.10

A completely new island that has been designed with the 3DE by Sgt. Ace and MCPXXL. The whole 3DE project team did help with designing nice and playable locations. It's worth stating that none of the team has any experience with visitor nor island editing with the exception of Sgt.Ace who just made an empty island with textures for that purpose. All objects were placed with the 3DE, of course.

Addon: "MAP_3DEmap" V1.01

DAC-Sectorfight MP-Mission
At first just planned as a demo this island did develop pretty well. So we ported an almost forgotten DAC mission by Silola to the new island to have some fun after all the work on our project.
This DAC sectorfight mission is included in the download package as well. As one can tell by the server frames the island's performance is very fine and the mission runs smoothly. Saying all this we are very proud of the outcome of this project. It is best played with mapfact addons + ECS.

Mission: "DAC_Sectorfight"

3DE Online Workshop
Some of you might have subscribed to our little online workshop to learn more about effectivly editing with the 3DE..


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News »18.08.2008 - 00:00 von MCPXXL / 3DE Release / Workshop Anouncement

[ 17.08.08 / 3DE Project ]

As the development of the 3DE Project is advancing according to our plans, we can announce that we are going to release the whole package on Saturday, August 23rd 2008. In addition, we are planning to hold an Online-Workshop.

The Online-Workshop (German) is going to start an hour after the release of the 3DE.
The time for the Online-Workshop (English) is not yet set, if you want to help us planning, just post when you think it would be a good time here.
As you all know we have been holding two real "OFP-Workshops" in the past, but such an Online-Workshop virgin soil for us as well.
The technical requirements are fulfilled already:

1.) An own 3DE-Teamedit Teamspeak-Server
2.) An own 3DE-Team-Server
3.) A special training map, per group there's enough room for eight trainees and one coach.

Online-Workshop / Requirements / Register

What can you expect?
Who should register?
What are the requirements which have to be fulfilled by the user?

What can you expect?

Basic information about what the 3DE is able to -- and what not, due to engine limitations.

The main focus is on a complete demonstration of the functionality of the 3DE, as well as an explanation of the special MAP_EU objects.
This part is going to take the most time of the workshop, it'll be about two and a half to three hours.
After that, it is planned to show the visitor import to a separate group.

The whole thing is going to take place on those Maledives Islands lachend

Who should register?

Actually everybody who is into mission or island editing, but unfortunately we have to set up some further conditions.

What are the requirements which have to be fulfilled by the user?

    - You have Queens Gambit installed.

    - You have a working HEADSET.

    - You know how to use and set up mod folders.

    - You have been creating missions already and know where to look for your files (user profiles, missions etc).

    - Creating missions as well as init lines and such stuff should be common to you.

    - In case you are interested in island editing, you should know the basics of Visitor and have it installed correctly.But you do not need it if you only want to make Mission.sqm or scriptfiles

If you comply with those conditions and if we sparked your interest, you can sign up via email here:

Subject: Online-Workshop

According to the incoming mails we are going to build groups and post them here.


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News »09.08.2008 - 14:10 von Chneemann / News: Operation Purgatory

[ 10.08.08 / Mission "Operation Purgatory"]

Today we’ve a SP-Mission for you which has a quite unhappy development-phase.
The mission called "Purgatory" was actually finally created by OneManGang around one year ago. Although it was still in the betatest phase it could convince very much. But right when we was about to write the release news one member of the betatest team located a saving/loading bug which actually should be intend to be fixed…..actually. OneManGang was working hard for several hours to fix this problem, he also recreated new scripts, but the problem still persists.

So OneManGang and the mission disappeared in the depression. Later we were able to find out that this Bug was up to the engine and wasn’t able to be fixed, so we expected a patch by BIS, which should fix that problem. With the patch 1.14 the bug seems to be fixed partially. Nevertheless Chneeman and OneManGang came together again and decided to release the mission cause it’s to great than to rot somewhere on a single computer. The readme will explain how to handle with the bug.

But back to the mission.
Purgatory could be a part of the original BIS campaign. The US forces are about to re-conquer the taken cities on South Sahrani. The SLA forces were pulled back into the eastern part of the island right into the city Chantico. It’s the first destination to take the city and destroy the 5 anti tank guns. Therefore the city will be parenthesized by 4 Infantry squads. The Player is the leader of his Team and also supreme commander of the other 3 Infantry squads.

//Translation by Memphis Belle

Furthermore we’ve also have a new tool by gentle (former gunman of AEF) for you. With his PBO-Manager it’s easy do deactivate and reactivate addons out of the ArmA-Addons folder. Unfortunately it’s not possible to manage modfolder with the tool but getle is already working on an update.


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News »30.06.2008 - 20:20 von Chneemann / News: 3DE Project - Preview

[ 30.06.08 / Announcement "3D-Editor" by Silola | Editorupgrade by Lester | "3DEMAP"-Island by Sgt. Ace and MCPXXL]

Today we can report you some new things and we are pleased to give you a little insight of our new mammoth project.
In the strict sense there are three projects, but each one is linked with the other.

As a start Silola made something really special with his new project 3D-Editor (3DE).
The 3DE brings a lot of things which were so far not possible like
synchronous work in multiplayer and the import of own creations in Visitor!

Objects always under control

We build a forest

Furthermore Lester built a new Editorupgrade, that fixes some little things and adds all the Queens Gambit objects.
By this opportunity a lot of needful new and/or modificated objects found also a place in there and it's also fitted for best use with Silolas 3D-Editor!

Storeable user defined configurations

Only one of the beauty places

And finally there is our "3DEMAP"-Island, which was born in our tests with the 3DE.

This Island is based on the work of Sgt. Ace and MCPXXL and contains a bunch of very interesting new textures and clutter definitions.

The final Island will be the result of our project work with the 3DE. This island is also a creativity collection of Sgt. Ace, MCPXXL, Silola und Lester that shows really nice what things you can do with this tool.


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News »03.06.2008 - 21:40 von Chneemann / News "Battle of Ortego"

[ 03.06.08 / Mission "Battle of Ortego"]

Today we are presenting Mr-Murrays first mission for Armed-Assault. In the "Battle of Ortego" it’s up to some special-forces to arrest the SLA president.

One of our Special Forces teams has located President Richardicz in the early morning hours close to Ortego. We have received information from interrogation of the bodyguards, that he wanted to flee to Sahrani after his seat of government has been attacked by allied forces on the Island Saint Cruez. It’s time to get him now. You have to infiltrate the town at dawn with your team. Your primary target is to capture the President. Once we have him, We think that the SLA troops will put down their weapons and give the rest of the Island back to us non violently.

Current Situation on Sahrani:
A huge part of the Island is still under SLA control. Heavy fights persist all over the Borderlines. Our forces are still involved in heavy fights with the SLA forces. Some important, strategic locations were captured by our troops.


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