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[ 23.11.06 / The last Operation Flashpoint News ]

Before we alter our Homepage to Armed Assault this Weekend we have one last OFP news for you. Some of our projects which we can not finalize anymore are on an advanced stage and that is why we will not keep them back. They are sophisticated but we can not guarantee that they are completely bug-free.

Group Command Console

With the GCC, Silola shows impressively that there are still new ideas and so far unidentified possibilities after 5 years OFP.
On our last Workshop the sight of the first very early version left a outstanding impression. Now you can test the GCC.

Although this version has only alpha status, even so it is already equipped with very many functions.
Because this alpha version comes with no detailed readme, Silola has written a German ingame tutorial.

The tutorial leads you through the functions and possibilities of the new console, so you learn the basics very fast and feel challenged to test the GCC in a mission.
Please excuse, but for the moment there is only the German Tutorial. An English Tutorial however already is in work.

Character Switch
This is Mr-Murray's last addon for Operation Flashpoint.
It is only a BETA-Version. We have to release now, because ArmA will come very soon. Now it is possible to switch between characters in OFP like it will be possible in ArmA, too. There are some capabilities to use it in a mission. Check the mission examples to get an impression about this.

SP-Mission "Ambush 2006"
And directly the next project of Mr-Murray. He finaly finished his new mission A-M-B-U-S-H 2006.
To finish this mission successfully you need lots of experience in handling, tactics and leading. You also need experience in using the AI. The players job is to lead lots of different units which have to attack different targets while they have to "survive" a dynamic gameplay. The missions are very different to each other. An especially feature is, that every mission starts from another point after the player restarts after a reload or he died in a game. So you dont need what waiting behind the
next hill. This feature keeps the hole Campaign pretty exited.

But dont think, that you will have an easy game cause of the large number of troups. If you believe that so you will notice very fast the opposite. The reasons are "Grouplink" and "DAC" which are giving lots of action to the game.

First the handling may be very strange. But if you are a real OFP fan so you will find your way pretty fast. So you will be able to lead your troups targetly and flexible.

Troups overview:
own group including player = 8 Soldiers
2 Infanteriegroups
1 Snipersquad
1 Tankplatoon
1 Medictruck
1 Engineersquad (putting mines and builds Tankbarriers)
Paratroupers (3rd Infanteriesquad)

You can get furtehr infos from the Beta - Readme

Because Mr-Murray writing the German ArmA Guide the mission is on an advanced stage, but not final.

Also required:

Antonov-12 Pack
Last but not least we are pleased to release another nice pack from T.S.C. Plage.
It contains 5 versions from the Antonov-12 and therefore it is the perfect addition to the existing DC-3 packs.
Plage has token an unfinished version from the Bloody Days Mod (BDM) and retextured and finished it in its accustomed manner.

There are 3 versions of real existing ones and 2 variants of the Mapfact--Nogova series included. Additionally the DC-3 predecessor pack will be needed because of some common used files, for e.g. the pilot just to name an example.
And of course you will find a readme in the pack.

Also required:
DC3 Pack

We wish you much fun with our last OFP projects. There are a good chance that you will see many of our projects in ArmA in the course of time.

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