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News »16.01.2007 - 22:35 von Chneemann / News: Back again

[ 16.01.07 / Back again ]

Here we are again.
With some little exceptions the site should work fine. The OFP-downloads will follow tomorrow.
Further informations will follow in a few days.


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News »17.12.2006 - 18:50 von Chneemann / News: Mapfact ArmA

[ 17.12.06 / Mapfact and ArmA ]

Armed Assault has been published two weeks ago and we got a first impression of the game. Even with the large amount of bugs and the missing modding tools, we think that ArmA is a solid basis for future projects.

With Lester we were able to get a new, qualified member for our team.

The mission designers and scripters are already working hard while the addon designers of the team are still waiting excited for the release of the modding-tools.

For the start of ArmA, we rebuilt our website. There are some changes which we want to take up here.

First of all we deleted the sections Seitenblick and the Addon-Testcenter because they were neglected in the past.

The largest change affects public beta testing on which we stop a big part. In the past, every mission designer could send us his mission and got an extensive test report with improvement suggestions. Unfortunately, most designers did not stay in contact so that the hours of test work was going to dust - own projects were on hold for nothing.

This was the reason why more and more members were retreating from the beta testing and the ones who were left lost the fun on it.
In the future we want to concentrate us on our own projects, so this way we can release them faster.

Of course we do not want to leave our visitors with their work alone.
For this reason, we enlarged the English part on our forum so if you want your mission to be tested by others, post it there. It is not guaranteed that your mission will be tested by a Mapfact member. If the mission gets results above average we will decide if we will host it on our website.


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News »15.12.2006 - 21:30 von Lockheed Martin$ch / News: Patch German V1.02

[ 15.12.06 / Second patch for Armed Assault ]

The second Patch for the German version of Armed Assault is avaiable.

Beside improved driving skills of the AI, the flight model of helicopters was reworked so that now helicopters should not be that sensitive. Furthermore, landing on rooftops should be no problem anymore.

Since this patch is only for the German version, we do not link it in the English section.

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News »02.12.2006 - 17:45 von Chneemann / News: Editing Guide avaiable

[ 02.12.06 / German Editing Guide - BadAss back ]

Just on time with the release of ArmA our lost sheep BadAss returns to the Mapfact flock.
We are pleased to work with him again.

From today on it is also possible to buy the German ArmA Editing Guide by Mr-Murray.
As it is only in German most likely it is difficult to read for English users.

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News »30.11.2006 - 17:20 von Chneemann / News: Patch German V1.01

[ 30.11.06 / First Patch for German Armed Assault ]

The German version of ArmA hase big performance problems caused by the copy protection.
To fix this performance problem, the publisher released the first patch.
As it is only for the German version, we don’t link to it here.

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News »30.11.2006 - 08:00 von Lockheed Martin$ch / News: Farewell OFP

[ 30.11.06 / Farewell Operation Flashpoint! ]

How fast the time passes! Rather exactly five and half an year Operation Flashpoint accompanied us through our life. As the first demo was avaiable, innumerably people of every age all around the world were bound to the computer. For weeks they played the demo and were excited for the release. As it came for sell in June 2001 it became a real bestseller. The developement team Bohemia Interactive gained many prices from all around the world and even the US military was impressed by OFP so that they gave their own version in order, a training simulator for their own forces. Under the name Virtual Battlefield Simulation (VBS 1), this special version was made avaiable for the governments. Later, private persons could buy the program, as far as they could spend 500 Euros.

Operation Flashpoint was a mile stone for computer games. Words like ego shooter or tactical shooter didn't suit OFP. They were rather insulting. Operation Flashpoint is a fastidious, deeply atmospherical, really realistic tactical simulation. Nothing for Counterstrike kiddies and shootergame fans. No other game impressed us more and bounded us longer to the computer. The absolute freedom of the player to do what he wants, without level boarders going wherever he wants, using vehicles, planes, tanks and weapons of all kind was nearly unknown till now. No other game has succeded to kick OFP off its throne. We all knew that only one could do this, only its sequel! And for this sequel we waited for years.

But it never got boring. Because of the enormous modding capability it "hailed" mostly every day inofficial addons and missions which enriched the game and kept it alive for years. A great community was formed on which we can be proud of. Great talents were not hidden to Bohemia Interactive so they recruted some community members for their team. What can be more beautiful than making the hobby to an employment and being able to help with the development on the OFP sequel?

Now it is time! Armed Assault is released today and wants to get inclosed into our gamer hearts. So we take it up and hope for beautiful and eventful years with our great community. However we will never forget Operation Flashpoint. It is the mother of all games with whom Marek Spanel and his BIS team will make us happy in the future.

Many thanks for this and farewell Operation Flashpoint!

Poseidon engine (Release: 1997 - Alpha version)

Demo (Release: April 2001 - Version 0.36)

Cold War Crisis (Release: 22. June 2001 - Version 1.0)

Red Hammer (Release: 2. February 2002 - Version 1.3)

Resistance (Release: 28. June 2002 - Version 1.75)

Community addons


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