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News »16.04.2007 - 20:00 von raedor / Release: MAP Air V1.05

[ 16.04.07 / Mapfact Airpack V1.05 ]

After many modifications on the Mapfact helicopters we now can proudly present the next edition.

The arsenal for the AH-64A has been increased a lot: There are new laserguided AGM-114A Hellfires, a laser designator, FIM-92A Stingers, as well as AGM-65 Mavericks and BGM-71 TOWs. Also there have been done some technical changes on the models of the AH-64A Apache. As last point, the equipment of the gunner has been extended with an FLIR system (Forward Looking Infrared) for reconnaissance, which works dependend on the daytime.

Another new features is that the AH-64A also can carry max. 2 soldiers to quickly get them out of hot zones. To quicken these objectives, the start-check can be skipped. A new black version of the AH-64A has been added aswell.

The CH-47D's model has been updated, it now also has a second doorgunner with a M2 machine gun. The Cargo and Medivac versions have been improved modelwise, their technical features and equipment have not been touched.

Additionaly we made a AV-8B with 5-fold Maverick launchers. Those have left our factory work rooms for their first test flights.


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News »12.04.2007 - 14:45 von Chneemann / Preview: MAP Air V1.05

[ 13.04.07 / Video for AH64A version 1.05 ]

At the moment we are working with high speed on an update of the AH-64A.
Among bugfixes there will also be some new functions and weapons. In the meantime Sgt.Ace has made a little demo video to shorten you the waiting time.


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News »20.03.2007 - 21:00 von Chneemann / Release: MAP Misc/Hit and Run Masbete

[ 20.03.07 / Misc Update und erste Mission ]

Because some users had troubles with their MAP Misc after patching ArmA to 1.05
Lester and Badass instantly have started bugfixing to solve the problems.

They encountered some difficulties, though, such as the need to reorganize main parts of the MAP_Misc functionality. So it came the update took far longer than expected initially.

However, they also have enhanced some features like the invisible targets, teargas effects and bleeding.

So today we present our MAP Misc, version 1.05.

Together with the new MAP_Misc our first mission made it’s way into the download section. Chneemann finished his work on the mission "Hit and Run Masbete" actually in february. But wanted to wait for the 1.05 release to make sure that everything works fine. And he was right - the MAP_Misc and some scripts did not work anymore like they should do.

After the US Forces fought successfully against the SLA Troops in the south, they are heading on into the Northern Part of Sahrani to dispossess the communist leader.
As the advance to the capital comes to a halt, the American Forces decide to attack the beachhead between Masbete and Pita.

The light infantry-squad Alpha got the order to get to and secure the village Masbete as fast as possible. Another infantry-squad called Hotel will attack Pita at same time.

The mission is currently only available in singleplayer. As already announced, Chneemann works on a little changed multiplayer version. But he has to move the release date, because the dedicated server ran quite instable in the past. But with the new version the multiplayer version should be available soon.


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News »08.03.2007 - 23:30 von BadAss / Release: MAP Air V1.0

[ 08.03.07 / Weapon supplies arrived ]

As a result of the huge public interest, we squeezed our informants so that we finally can release all data and facts about the helicopters.

Specific and extended information about the choppers is to be found at the download page.


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News »26.02.2007 - 22:50 von MCPXXL / Preview: MAP Air V1.0

[ 26.02.07 / Secret weapon system deliveries uncovered ]

It has been reported that Apache Helicopters have been sighted on Sahrani recently. We've looked into that and can present the following information including leaked photos:

Location of the secret delivery
Even weapons can look good...some Hellfires have been added
Defense systems are included...... but they can't help in every situation

We identified Marco-Polo-IV as supplier of these Helicopters, MCPXXL is in charge of this investigation.

Appendix: With the proofs we gathered we're confident to urge the responsible persons of this deal to release all information publicly.


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News »18.02.2007 - 00:00 von BadAss / Release: MAP Misc

[ 18.02.07 / MAP Misc : first ArmA addon ]

Attention, new Version V1.02 !
- Config fixes

Today we release our first addon for Armed Assault. It took us almost two months to research, develop, implement, test, improve... It's the first work of Lester for and with his new team and many of the contents of this addon are based on his config file studies and discoveries. Included in the new MAP Misc are his invisible targets and reallights, so this is the official follow-up of the popular OFP addons.

Besides of that there's a lot more to discover. We hope it will help you with mission editing and inspire some new ideas as we included editorplaceable special effects, ammocrates, weapons, view blocking smoke shells, new parachutes, several useful scripts and functions and as well as a lot of additional markers.

Then a simple offer turned out to be the start for a special cooperation we definitely want to continue. Sickboy of the 6th Sense Mod offered us to include his Network Services “Lite” to our addon. Of course we said yes so you get yet another bunch of usefull scripts and functions for your multiplayer editing.

Like its OFP predecessor this new Misc addon will be updated from time to time as more. We still got quite some ideas to implement into future versions.


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