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News »24.05.2009 - 19:40 von Chneemann / News: Burning Sand

[ 24.05.09 / Mission-Pack "Burning Sand"]

After a long time of silence BadAss is back with two new single player missions. Both missions have passed several tests, successfully and are as far as we have seen bugfree and fully working. Because of the upcoming release of ArmA 2 - the german version is due 29th May - we have decided to release the missions without a final test phase.

Starting with playtesting the Chain of Command Command Engine he came up with the idea for these missions. Pretty much like with "Leaves in the wind" it's not so much about a big story but a rather basic and down to earth infantry assault. That being said, basic doesn't mean simple nor boring. BadAss idea was to create scenarios with defined conditions to try and test different plans and procedures.

Breaking existing contracts with an american oil company RACS has occupied the oilfield in the south of Sahrani. Furthermore they have captured and deported the civilian workers of United Oil.

In the first mission "Brick Wall" you lead two Special Forces teams that are to rescue the civilians. Coming from the sea you have to deeply infiltrate enemy territory since the prisoners are reported to be held in the village of Gulan. A village sourrounded by RACS bases ...

The second mission "Burning Sand" is a big scale infantry assault to regain control over the oilfield. You are the leader of a USMC company landing south of Tiberia. As recon reports RACS troops are pretty well entrenched and not willing to let go of the oil easily ...

Of course the missions are spiced up with some effects and features that are not just eye candy: Your radio man is down? How do you think to call your troops and artillery? Think you can sprint across the whole island? Better think twice. Think the house over the street is empty? Maybe ... maybe not.
As allways, you'll find further information, the missions and all required addons on the download page.


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News »08.04.2009 - 19:06 von Admin / Relaunch

[ 08.04.09 / We are back again]

Unfortunately we got hacked last Weekend. Because the hacker tried to damage the Page, Chneemann decided to take the website offline immediately. We need some information from our hoster, so it took some days to reactivate the Homepage.
Now everything works fine again and we hope it will stay like that in future.

The Mapfact-Team


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News »18.02.2009 - 21:40 von Chneemann / News: Guide Deluxe Edition ENG

[ 18.02.09 / English Editing Guide - Deluxe Edition]

Mr-Murray, the Author of the official Armed Assault Editing Guide for the German ArmA "Special Edition" and the German "ArmA Gold Edition" is releasing today his, long announced and also long desired "Deluxe Edition" of his Editing Guide sequel. The Deluxe Edition has a total number of 333 pages and is up to date of Patch 1.15 and contains Queens Gambit and of course Warfare as well.

The Deluxe Edition contains, with it´s 11 chapters and 230 subitems, nearly every stuff which is needed to create professional designed missions. A great help to navigate through that whole book are the clearly designed indexes like main index, keyword- and syntax index and also the single chapter indexes with the chapter marker on the right border of each page as well. With this English version of the Editing Guide Mr-Murray has finally finished his bookworks for ArmA 1.
Content overview
Chapter 1: The beginning
Chapter 2: The files
Chapter 3: The weapons – Vehicles – units - Objects
Chapter 4: The Mission
Chapter 5: The Mission accsessorie
Chapter 6: The Mission specials
Chapter 7: Multiplayer
Chapter 8: The Camscripting
Chapter 9: Scripting
Chapter 10: Dialogues
Chapter 11: General Informations

ArmA Editing Guide History
- 1.0 Special Edition (SE-Version 1.0, German, Print, 100 pages , ArmA 1.0)
- 1.1 Gold Edition (SE-Version 1.1, German, Digital, 170 pages , ArmA 1.8 )
- 1.2 Free Download (SE-Version 1.2, German/English, Digital, 170 pages ArmA, 1.9 )
- 1.2 Free Download (SE-Version 1.2, German/English, Digital, 170 pages, ArmA, 1.9 )
- Deluxe Edition (DE-Version 1.0, German, Digital, 333 pages, ArmA 1.15)
- Deluxe Edition (DE-Version 1.0, English, Digital, 333 pages, ArmA 1.15)

A great thank goes to Bohemia Interactive Studios for that massive support and the permission for using the Cover Artworks. A further thank goes out to the translator of the English Editing Guide – MemphisBelle – and his helping Hands Metal0130 (USA) and Matt Rochelle (UK) which have all spend hundrets of hours to translate and correct the different Editing Guide versions.

So now we wish you much fun and successfull hours while working with the new Armed Assault Editing Guide – Deluxe Edition – by Mr-Murray.

Translation by MemphisBelle


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News »16.02.2009 - 19:30 von Chneemann / News: Purgatory Update

[ 16.02.09 / Mission Update ]

Unfortunately we have no further release to announce at the moment. But there's nevertheless something around behind the stage. OneManGang reworked his mission "Operation Purgatory" again. The Version 1.02 enables the player to take over the control of the other teams. The AI is no longer just moving from point A to point B. The mapclick function allows the user to command the team to a desired Position on the map. OneManGang has also used the update to fix some little bugs.

Translation by MemphisBelle


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News »01.01.2009 - 16:37 von Lockheed Martin$ch / News: Happy New Year

[ 01.01.09 / Happy New Year ]

The Mapfact-Team wishes the whole community a successful year 2009.

Another year is over again – for us it’s the seventh turn of the year. In early 2002 none of us could imagine that we would still exist now. But we are still there and modify Armed Assault for the community and of course for ourselves. Like the most other Mods we have some personal problems too, that’s why at the moment there are not many news from us. But there will also come months with more releases too.

We hope that 2009 will be a year with lots of amazing addons, missions and scripts.


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News »24.10.2008 - 14:45 von Chneemann / WIP Rambo III

[ 24.10.08 / WIP Rambo III for ArmA]

Big X is getting back to ArmA with his newest project called "Rambo III".

John Rambo has settled down in a thai monastery after he successfully accomplished his last liberation mission in Vietnam. When his friend and former Commander Col. Sam Trautman is visiting, he asks Rambo to accompany him to Afghanistan to deliver Stinger Anti Aircraft Weapons to the local resistance fighters.
Rambo declines that daring operation and can’t argue Col. Trautman out of that plan. Shortly after the deliverance fails right at the afghan border and Trautman is spotted and captured by the soviet forces who take him deep into the heartland to a hidden fortress. As Rambo gets the message of Trauman’s imprisonment he sets out immediately to get him back out of the soviet prison, only being supported by a few sparely armed resistance fighters. But the well trained soviet forces under the command of Colonel Zaysen prove to be tough enemies…

The mini campaign tries to cover the storyline as much as possible, so Big X realized some of the used addons especially for this campaign. Music and selected sounds convey the needed "being inside feeling" to play a Rambo single player mission that Big X productions are known for.

This mini campaign will include about 2-3 single missions, among them the attack on the afghan village by Colonel Zaysen, the infiltration of the soviet fortress and the escape after the successful liberation of Trautman. The known mass final fight as shown in the movie will not be part of the ArmA-Rambo III campaign as Big X accounts it to be too boring. But the campaign will nevertheless be finished by playing a nice cat-and-mouse game with the soviet Spetsnaz forces.

The current mission design status is nearly finished up to 60%.

translation by MemphisBelle and Kassy


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