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Translation by Lenny

Typ of mission
NameOperation Fogrider
SideWest / Member SpecOp-Unit
For month now American supply depots in the crisis area on Everon are brutally raided and looted. In this occasions vast amounts of weapons and ammunition have been taken. The enemy has always been extremely thorough - they never left eyewitnesses or tracks and dead or wounded have always been taken away after the action ended. Only the way the assaults have been carried out and the type of ammo cases found, led to the conclusion that the attacks have been done by some sort of special forces.

Now intel has found out were the enemy is hiding and preparing for his next daring attack. A spy has passed on information which indicates that the enemy SOF-unit (SpecialOperationForce) can be found 30 km behind our lines, somewhere near La Moule. Further rumours point out that the leaders are the well known commanders Alexander Markow and Michael Kislew. Both became famous in the Yugoslav conflict

During the last raid on the supply depot of the second tank corps three Guards have been taken hostage. Now immediate actions are required. The Hostages have to be freed and the enemy SOF-unit eliminated!!

Addons*-No unofficial add-ons required
Misc90% of the mission is created by random selection. This enables you to play the mission as often as you like. Every time you will have a unique situation to handle.

Enemy positions, their paths and targets will be change every time you start the mission. Every enemy unit or group can change to up to 15 different locations. Even the behaviour of the units will be random selected. No waypoints are inserted so it's impossible to predict were the enemies will pop up and try to hose you down. Even if you play this mission again and again, you always have to be switched on and expect enemies around the corner.

Enemy units and the vehicles they are boarding vary from game to game, so one time you'll look into the bad end of the 125 mm gun the T-80 carries and the next time you'll face a fully loaded BMP rumbling towards you.
Praise and CriticismPlease post in this thread

Beta-Testerentire Mapfact-Team and players from the [GDT]-Server
We really have tested this map intensively and every time we played our SpecialOpsSquad of 8 daring players was challenged in a different, demanding way. The AI behaves very human like and unpredictable. Tank crews get out of their vehicles and even disappear behind a bush, but as soon as the alarm goes off the doors of hell are blown open.
The AI communicates really good and sends reinforcements were ever the players attack. Me being a great specops fan this mission is just the job! If you play this one always think of a famous military saying: 6P - Proper Preparations Prevent Piss Pour Performance!

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Size 3,4 MB
Downloads 2064
Date 27.01.2004
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