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Missions-typ Campaign
NameUnternehmung Apollon - Part I
In the German partner country Malden, the situation gets increasingly out of control.On the small island state parts of the population and the military are protesting against the president Macia.The military and the police have been dissolved last week and the president was announced to be deselected. Because a part of the inhabitants still stays on his side, President Macia refuses to acknowledge the putsch and offers new elections. But these were declined by the opposing side.
Therefore the government of Malden inquires at the Federal Government of Germany for some military support that provides silence and help with the reorganisation of the local military and police. The Federal Government promised help and sends out a small unit to Malden.

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@BWmod ( 124 MB )

SonstigesCampaign with 10 missions
Arranged BIS Island
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Beta-TesterFlashpoint_K, Chneemann
Chneemanns' campaign could theoreticly have been the main campaign of Operation Flashpoint CWC or Resistance - ofcourse with a cpmpletely different story and plot - but it shows exactly what OFP was made for.
The Intro of the Venture Apollon begins with an enthraling Soundtrack and as all the other missions it is made with an eye on details.
So it is often worthwile to play a mission more than one times, because only then you will be able to check out all the variations and find all the details. The DAC is also contributing his part to some of the mission to make them more randomly.
If you are expecting lots of action right from the beginning, you will have to be patient for some time, because first af all realism is one of the most important points in the campaign.
But this also means that the atmosphere is really dense during the missions, because, in spite of the stressed situation, the civil life on the island hasn't come to a complete hold.
So the conflict tapers slowly to a point, as we can see it in real life right at this time, until it escalates and the first attack wave immediately changes the balance of power on the island in favour of the rebels.
Because of that the mission behind the enemy lines is the most difficult one.
You have to think twice when to call attention of the enemies. From that point each shot should hit his target.
Sequences between the very different missions top off the story and make the players curious to the second part of the campaign.
Who doesn’t want to wait that long has seen enough to make his own continuation in mind.



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Date 17.07.2006
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