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Side:Kazakhstan (against west and east)
The conflict between Russia an Kazakhstan is sharpening. When the Russians thread to invade Kazakhstan the government is begging the USA for help. But the Americans refuse. They don't want to turn against Russia and have their own trouble in the Iraq.
Forced by the increasing pressure a group of highly ranked Kazakh generals decides to get the needed weapons and technology clandestinely.
Drikar is the island of their choice. Placed in the Black Sea the island is used by the US Army as a base to maintain supplies for the Iraq. Kazakh special agent Grigory Tonkov is sent down to Drikar to explore the island secretly and to steal the weapons.
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Miscellaneous:Mission with civilian parts
new Island
own Alert system
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Insertions in German and English
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.....The engines of the DC-3 runs down quitly as I got out of the Drikar-Air.
The Airport admittances voive says hello to the travelers, and I sayed to myself, Hmmm how long do they keep me in mind as "just a tourist"?. Cause I a am "undercover" on tour.
In my mind I try to imagnine the painfull and angry faces of the american Soldiers, after leaving Drikar again. My targets are still unmatched so I´m fixing my first one, to reach the small Islands captial.
Thats the where place I have to meet my first contact to get more informations. The Headquatersbriefing at the beginning
of the mission had been pretty scantily. There´re to much parts still unknown. So I have to get the Information by myself. I see a lot of Minering Vehicles on the way to the City, they seem to be pretty well in buisness here. I have to check this at my next opportunity. Every single bit of information can be important to finish my mission succesfully.
I get a bicycle in the Town and go ahead my way through its small narrow streets to watch out for my account executive. Its only a short but instructive meeting.
He gives me important news and a car, that helps saving my time.
First I follow his council to take a look for a Weapondealer. Cause I´m not able to finish my Job, to get the XM8, without his help...... Damn that guy really lives pretty hidden...

//Translation by MemphisBelle


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Date 29.10.2005
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