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Oxygen Light by Bohemia Interactive Studio

This is the official program for creating addons, also called O2. It was developed by Bohemia Interactive and has been released for the community in a "light" version. It can do everything what you need to create a top quality addon, provided that you get the right "know how" and as everywhere - "Learning by doing is making the masters"

It is important to install O2 correctly, otherwise it won't work or not work properly! You can find an installation guide in english at the tutorial-page of brsseb.

Buldozer (neue Version!), the external Viewer, with whom you can see the modell like ingame, is also required.


The development of addons is not an easy task and also a hard business. If you think about creating your own addon, think about following:
- Is there already an addon like this one?
- If so, can I top its quality?
- If yes, does it make sence to make an other same addon?
- Is this addon of use?

This list of questions can get long, but before you start modelling, think seriously about wheter it makes sence to make that effort!

Because do not forget, an addon is not done in one day! It takes a lot of time and you often have to hold on and to pull yourself to the limit.

But if the addon is good, it is an effort which is worth it!


- Oxygen 2 Light Homepage

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