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NameIron Eagles
SideWest, jet fighter pilot
Constant attacks of the sovjet air force against NATO positions requires a effective defence. This includes also patrol flights over Nogova. At any time, planes can be in the air to be able to intervene as fast as possible. The player and his wing man have to prevent such an attack and get the enemy attack planes and interceptors from heaven directly into hell.

OFP version
from 1.92

Other thingsThis mission has been created on a P IV 2,66 GHz, 768 MB RAM, ATI Radeon 9700 and also tested on slower systems successfully. There are radio speaches in both languages and new explosion sounds.
All enemy planes need to be destroyed for victory. Should any AI pilot flee, scripts and triggers provide that they come back to the airport. In this case, just wait a few minutes over the airfield for their arrival. Should the enemy escape too far, they'll get destroyed automaticly what reduces the frags.

Little hint: at the small airbase in the north you`ll find another plane armed and ready to fight. Additionally you`ll find all you need to repair, rearm and heal yourself.

A text file with tips for pilots and the ReadMe are included in the download.

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BETA testerRaedor / Chneemann / BadAss
This mission is a titbit for all combat pilots. The mission includes excelent radio speaches and breathtaking explosion effects. Every single shot down enemy is giving a celebrating feeling. But who ever celebrates too long will pay for it very fast. The SU27 are not fun! Specially untrained pilots should keep an eye on the ammo. If it runs out, there is no cover.
Conclusion: A great mission for trained combat pilots and those who want to become one. / Chneemann

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Size 3,1 MB
Downloads 1903
Date 16.11.2004
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