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MissionnameBugging Operation
SideWest, player first alone, later as a teamleader
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Much time went by since the fighting for Davle and the bridge. Much blood is flown and was spilled. But now the end of the fights seems to be in reach. The russians were back into the mountains and don't have any heavy weapons or airforce left. Even though they're hoilding persistantly it seems to be only a matter of time untill they'll be defeated completely.
Now our main concern is the nogovian resistance, a small group of former nogovian forces sympathizing with the russians. They are well organized and repeatedly do a lot of dammage to us. They're feeling save because of their succes, too save so they now made a great mistake...
OFP-Version1.96 final
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Beta-TestersKriegerdaemon, Unterfeld, BadAss
Some mission makers do good intros, while others make good missions. SKY does both well.

Before we enter the action a really worth to be seen intro introduces the story. The intro is of top quality prooving the class of the maker as well as countless hours of spare time. At the same time it whet’s one’s appetite to play just like it’s supposed to be.
Like the mission name tells we are to eavesdrop. That means not to be spotted and grants succes in the mission’s first part. Your objective is to get some informations. To do so you were ordered to the nogovian main airport. There you’ll start your way to the empty factory nearby. You are on your own for a whole team would be to striking. Be quick and use your skills there are heaps of scripts making the ais more clever. So hide the victims of your deeds in the shadows.
SKY manages to keep the fun in this mission. Of course you’ll be spotted sometime but that doesn’t mean game over: the story simply takes a slightly different turn. This is very nice. The mission fits players who like to shoot straight as well as prowlers.
When that part’s done you better know how to fly a chopper well. By then you lead your team of specialists and therefore should be able to command them quickly. Here you’ll finally find the reason for your “Bugging Operation”.
What I liked very much about this mission were the cutscenes. There are some and they all are well done. What you don’t see as a player are the scripts working in the background without complaints. Hats off, heaps of work were spent on this.

Nice idea and really good realization with top class cutscenes. A must play!

Notice: I’ve tested the Mission with to computers. With 900 MHz and a GeForce 2 I always had some lag and when the action really started off it became partly not playable. With 1,9 GHz and a Radeon 9200 there were no more problems.
/ Unterfeld

I can only agree with that. The intro tells parts of the originel and well thought out story. Then take your time to read the briefing carefully. There you'll find general informations as well as tactical hints for the mission. Being that well prepared you can go for it.
On the old factory's compound I felt reminded of the game Commandos. Sitting in a dark corner I tried to guess what the guards can see and as in Commandos I tried to get rid of them cautiously. Admittedly I was wrong more then one time but finally I found my way anyway.
In my opinion SKY balanced this part of the mission very well: it is challenging but not impossible and it's not too long. The second part of his mission demands some other skills when the action gets rolling. All in all this mission is great fun to play. Strongly recommended. / BadAss
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Size 2,0 MB
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Date 05.11.2004
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