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Type of mission
MissionnameOperation Islandstorm
SideWest, player as Teamleader
1987. The world seems to become saver slowly, because as Gorbatschow becomes the new president of the USSR, the situation slacken more and more. Shit, if a Russian general, who has nuclear missiles under his command, doesn't want this! The result of this are two nuclear missiles fired on Japan. With the beginning of the Third World War the vacation of Captain John Peterson end. He gets the mission to conquer an Island which is occupied by the Russians and only a few
kilometers away from the Russian mainland, so that it can be used as a big airforce station. But the landig crafts get, how expected, under heavy artillery fire...
Operation Islandstorm has begun!
OFP-Version1.91 or higher
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Beta-TestersChneemann, raedor
Who wants to play this mission should take his time definitly. Flashpoint_k has managed to create a singlemission in the style of a campaign. The intro has almost the length of a movie but surely is worth to be seen.
The playing time is somewhere between 4 and 6 hours overall! Since Flashpoint_k did the mission classic BIS style like there's no savegame bug, thankfully. The mission's full of varieties and never gets boring. Your objectives develope over the time so that the rather simple initial order becomes more complicated the longer you play. The mission's difficulty is slightly beyond avarage and not too hard to handle. Depending on your your tactics your job becomes easier or harder.
In my opinion this is a well done mission for there are not many effects but a thrilling story. / Chneemann

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Size 3,0 MB
Downloads 2362
Date 20.09.2004
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