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SPAWN MANAGER2 by ])rStrangelove

What does the script do
- It creates squads with two different patrol orders
- If wished, it looks after the respawn of the death

New / spezial features:
- Many parameters are optional (general or special patrols are possible)
- Respawns either: never, in any count or infinitely
- Respawns do not use any new groups, but only one
- The script is able to create EAST and WEST groups (2 scripts can fight against each other)
- Types of squads are listed up in the bottom part of the script and are easy to change.
There are template missions for the original OFP, SEB Vietnam, Invasion44 and BAS-Tonal.
(Fights between mixed troops are possible, so i.e. US Nam Soldiers against Tonally Africans)
- All running SpawnManagers save their groups in two global arrays: "eastpatrolteams" and "westpatrolteams", so you can affect them with other scripts.
- Spawn positions and patrol positions can be different.
- The deaths disappear into the earth before they are deleted. (No feature but important to avoid errors!)
- It is possible, that insured squad leaders call for artillery. (In the init.sqs)
- If a spawn object is assigned as a parameter, the script is watching its damage.
Respawns can only take place if i.e. the troop tent still is alive.
- Spawn positions can move, not only to fast or to high.

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Date 31.03.2004
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