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[ 24.05.09 / Mission-Pack "Burning Sand"]

After a long time of silence BadAss is back with two new single player missions. Both missions have passed several tests, successfully and are as far as we have seen bugfree and fully working. Because of the upcoming release of ArmA 2 - the german version is due 29th May - we have decided to release the missions without a final test phase.

Starting with playtesting the Chain of Command Command Engine he came up with the idea for these missions. Pretty much like with "Leaves in the wind" it's not so much about a big story but a rather basic and down to earth infantry assault. That being said, basic doesn't mean simple nor boring. BadAss idea was to create scenarios with defined conditions to try and test different plans and procedures.

Breaking existing contracts with an american oil company RACS has occupied the oilfield in the south of Sahrani. Furthermore they have captured and deported the civilian workers of United Oil.

In the first mission "Brick Wall" you lead two Special Forces teams that are to rescue the civilians. Coming from the sea you have to deeply infiltrate enemy territory since the prisoners are reported to be held in the village of Gulan. A village sourrounded by RACS bases ...

The second mission "Burning Sand" is a big scale infantry assault to regain control over the oilfield. You are the leader of a USMC company landing south of Tiberia. As recon reports RACS troops are pretty well entrenched and not willing to let go of the oil easily ...

Of course the missions are spiced up with some effects and features that are not just eye candy: Your radio man is down? How do you think to call your troops and artillery? Think you can sprint across the whole island? Better think twice. Think the house over the street is empty? Maybe ... maybe not.
As allways, you'll find further information, the missions and all required addons on the download page.


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