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[ 18.02.09 / English Editing Guide - Deluxe Edition]

Mr-Murray, the Author of the official Armed Assault Editing Guide for the German ArmA "Special Edition" and the German "ArmA Gold Edition" is releasing today his, long announced and also long desired "Deluxe Edition" of his Editing Guide sequel. The Deluxe Edition has a total number of 333 pages and is up to date of Patch 1.15 and contains Queens Gambit and of course Warfare as well.

The Deluxe Edition contains, with it´s 11 chapters and 230 subitems, nearly every stuff which is needed to create professional designed missions. A great help to navigate through that whole book are the clearly designed indexes like main index, keyword- and syntax index and also the single chapter indexes with the chapter marker on the right border of each page as well. With this English version of the Editing Guide Mr-Murray has finally finished his bookworks for ArmA 1.
Content overview
Chapter 1: The beginning
Chapter 2: The files
Chapter 3: The weapons – Vehicles – units - Objects
Chapter 4: The Mission
Chapter 5: The Mission accsessorie
Chapter 6: The Mission specials
Chapter 7: Multiplayer
Chapter 8: The Camscripting
Chapter 9: Scripting
Chapter 10: Dialogues
Chapter 11: General Informations

ArmA Editing Guide History
- 1.0 Special Edition (SE-Version 1.0, German, Print, 100 pages , ArmA 1.0)
- 1.1 Gold Edition (SE-Version 1.1, German, Digital, 170 pages , ArmA 1.8 )
- 1.2 Free Download (SE-Version 1.2, German/English, Digital, 170 pages ArmA, 1.9 )
- 1.2 Free Download (SE-Version 1.2, German/English, Digital, 170 pages, ArmA, 1.9 )
- Deluxe Edition (DE-Version 1.0, German, Digital, 333 pages, ArmA 1.15)
- Deluxe Edition (DE-Version 1.0, English, Digital, 333 pages, ArmA 1.15)

A great thank goes to Bohemia Interactive Studios for that massive support and the permission for using the Cover Artworks. A further thank goes out to the translator of the English Editing Guide – MemphisBelle – and his helping Hands Metal0130 (USA) and Matt Rochelle (UK) which have all spend hundrets of hours to translate and correct the different Editing Guide versions.

So now we wish you much fun and successfull hours while working with the new Armed Assault Editing Guide – Deluxe Edition – by Mr-Murray.

Translation by MemphisBelle


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