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[ 24.10.08 / WIP Rambo III for ArmA]

Big X is getting back to ArmA with his newest project called "Rambo III".

John Rambo has settled down in a thai monastery after he successfully accomplished his last liberation mission in Vietnam. When his friend and former Commander Col. Sam Trautman is visiting, he asks Rambo to accompany him to Afghanistan to deliver Stinger Anti Aircraft Weapons to the local resistance fighters.
Rambo declines that daring operation and can’t argue Col. Trautman out of that plan. Shortly after the deliverance fails right at the afghan border and Trautman is spotted and captured by the soviet forces who take him deep into the heartland to a hidden fortress. As Rambo gets the message of Trauman’s imprisonment he sets out immediately to get him back out of the soviet prison, only being supported by a few sparely armed resistance fighters. But the well trained soviet forces under the command of Colonel Zaysen prove to be tough enemies…

The mini campaign tries to cover the storyline as much as possible, so Big X realized some of the used addons especially for this campaign. Music and selected sounds convey the needed "being inside feeling" to play a Rambo single player mission that Big X productions are known for.

This mini campaign will include about 2-3 single missions, among them the attack on the afghan village by Colonel Zaysen, the infiltration of the soviet fortress and the escape after the successful liberation of Trautman. The known mass final fight as shown in the movie will not be part of the ArmA-Rambo III campaign as Big X accounts it to be too boring. But the campaign will nevertheless be finished by playing a nice cat-and-mouse game with the soviet Spetsnaz forces.

The current mission design status is nearly finished up to 60%.

translation by MemphisBelle and Kassy


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